Sunday, 19 February 2012


Was hoping to have posted this on valentines day but have been a busy girl, doing daughterly duties. A little piece of 'homework' from my creative writing course days, hope you enjoy it.


After checking my reflection once more.  I take a deep breath- a last look around the floral room and open the door.

My life is never going to be the same again.  Happy thoughts are tinged with sadness.

As l reach the top of the stairs my hands begin to sweat.  I can feel my heart pounding. A swarm of butterflies race around the pit of my stomach.  I feel like l am going to faint.  I descend the stairs nervously and enter the living room.  I am met with gasps.

My Mum comes over, tears trickling down her made up cheeks and hugs me.  My Dad also choked holds my hand "You look beautiful".  Al the fuss makes me beam and blush!  My aunt interrupts "the cars are here".  Everyone except Dad and l leave.

The butterflies are partying again, l feel cold and start to shake - nervous energy l guess.  My emotions are confused.  I am happy.  This is what  want to do.  But part of me- the child within wants to stay here.  Within the familiar four walls I've known and loved all my life.  The scents of my family, today mixed with perfume, after-shave and a faint aroma of sherry.  I gaze at the pictures and trinkets that compliment the cupboards and walls.  Remembering the Christmas and Birthdays from where they came.  I smile to myself.  Glance at the orderly positioned sofa and chairs - my mind takes photos while the brass clock reliable as ever ticks melodically from its place on the mantle piece.

I jump and gasp as Dad gently touches my elbow "its time love-we have to go".  Unable to speak our eyes lock.  I smile and nod.  Words are not needed at a moment like this.

I take a deep breath gently exhale and leave the house.  The sun like a huge spotlight illuminates the path to my chariot- a gleaming white limousine decorated with silver and blue ribbons that flutter in the warm breeze.

As Dad takes his seat next to me l take one last look at my child hood home- no longer a little a girl now a grown woman on her wedding day.

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