Wednesday, 8 February 2012


This is the second instalment in the series of stories l wrote in my earlier days of writing. This piece l rather like, was written to enter into a local paper competition, using about 200 words!!!  Some of you may recognise where it is based. Hope you enjoy it.


A lonely figure watches from the icy shadows, as the town clock strikes midnight.  Church bells ring joyously, wishing all who can hear a Happy New Year.

As revellers sway, laugh and sing their way from the bustling taverns back to their warm homes, Isobel retreats to the safety of the High Street.

A smile briefly crosses her lips, as she encounters a loving couple, oblivious to her presence.  And a single tear trickles down her ashen face, as the memories of days past stir once again.

Isobel had known love, once, when she had lived down the alley that was Hunts Court, where the old lady stood selling apples and nuts as a welcome entrance to a narrow dingy part of town. When the only traffic was horse drawn carts and a King ruled the land.

Now, as one year ends and another begins Isobels ghost wanders sadly down the same alley, past the hidden parade of shops in an endless search for a lost love that is never found.

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