Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Wow, here we go then folks, how you all doing?  New to all this but heyho give it a go eh?  I love to write, and if you like what you read you may be interested in knowing that l am currently in the process of writing childrens tales.  These tales are diaries from me to my grand daughters, turning our pet cats, dog and rats into characters. We have adventures, dramas, good times, bad times, happy and sad times. 

As l write, the first batch of tales are with E&S literary agents, with an artist who is illustrating my "stuff", cant actually believe l am about to have my writing turned into a "real" book- very exciting.

I am in essence a very creative person, l love photography and my work can be seen on Flickr, l have entered the Somerset Wildlife Photography comp.  l specialise in sun-sets which are usually taken from Through the window of the house on the hill - (title of my tales), as the sun sets over the Blackdown hills and Wellington monument- although in my photos this tends to look like Wellington stick!!

I create plaques, from recycled bits of wood etc retrieved from scrap bins at work!! I am a keen Genealogist spending hours researching elusive family members in the vastness of our now Family Forrest- the more elusive the more l like it.  I am l think a re-born detective.  I like rising to the challenges of finding lost members of my family, to cleaning up after un-ruly public school boys, to creating something from nothing. The sense of achievment is so rewarding- l love it.

I am about living life my way, l am a nice person, l dont harm any one or anything. I am not always understood, - are any of us!! And not everyone "gets" my thought processes. But its the little things that make me happy, its seeing things to take pictures of that others don't see, its writing down things that you can't tell others about, its life through my senses.

You'll either like it  or you won't - but thats ok -each to their own as they say.  ( who are "they"anyway?)  Its "stuff" l would like to share.