Thursday, 2 February 2012


Walking to work looking over the distant snow covered hills of Wellington, l was reminded of a visit there a few years ago. I called into a local charity shop not really looking for anything in particular, l came across an antique photo of 2 young children -am guessing victorian- sombre looking, like photos were back then. The photo housed in a gilt edged frame only 4x 4 was selling for a £1. I wondered at the time who they were, but not at the time- enough to buy this cute little piece of history.  To this day l have regretted not buying it, but remember it still.

The tiny photo of history  was bought  back to my  thoughts only a few weeks ago when l came across a genealogy tweet containing a link to a blog titled "A photo worth a thousand words"  by Smadar BelkindGerson in which there was a photo of an elderly couple, turns out they are Smadars' Great Great Grandparents. Smadar in her blogspot the-past-to-the-present, goes onto to tell the fascinating story behind the photo which she now holds in high esteem.

I so regret not having bought that photo l would love to have researched the history of it and the children, who they were, where they came from, what happened to them, instead l will settle for finding out my own families history, with my passion for genealogy. I do have in my family history file a photo of my Great Grandads Brother Thomas James Simmonds - or Thomas J as l like to fondly call him.
Here he is pictured with his wife and children, a hard working, kind looking man. Unlike the mystery photo of the children, l know the history of this family because it is my family. And like Smadar says about her picture, a photo really is worth a 1000 words.

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  1. Honored to be your inspiration! You left me wanting to know more about Thomas J and his family. I'll hope you'll share more in future blogs!