Friday, 3 February 2012


As another week draws to an end, and l await the arrival of a friends visit, l am sat pondering- what makes a friend?  what makes that one time stranger now a trusted confidante?  There is that saying "a strange is just a friend you havent met yet". But when does the transition happen? is it immediate or does it take years, time, patience, life time events to develop.

I know hundreds, thousands of people. As a mother of 4 l have over the space of 30 years of parenting met many, many other parents through my 4 children. Some briefly, some angrily -sometimes, some mutually at sports days, school plays, etc.  But were they or are they friends. Some to this day have become trusted friends, as we have shared not just our childrens friendships, but tears, laughter, school time experiences. We have grown together just as our children grew up together, we have joined together as our children celebrated birthdays, weddings, fun times, sad and tragic times together.

We know people with whom we share interests, hobbies, work, play, local amenties, local shops, local routes to work. But are they friends? When do aquaintences, neighbours, work collegues become trusted friends?

I personally, have a handful of really trusted, confidante friends with whom l tell, and share 'everything', who are there for me when ever, who don't judge me, who care for me, who share with me. We have over the months and years cried, laughed, lost and loved. We don't always see each other, we live miles apart from one another, we dont always talk, write or chat to one another, but we are "friends" not acquaintences. We can be relied upon by each other to help, talk, support, console, celebrate, care and love each other.

And we know all this just by looking, saying, writing, chatting, reading each other- we are 'on the same wave length'. The slightest sign and we know what the other is thinking, saying, feeling. How? l don't know. We just know because we are trusted, caring FRIENDS.

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