Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hi everyone, apologies for neglecting you all. Am afraid am back on abit of a rant.  Have a bee in my bonnet re- local authorities rules and logic or rather lack of logic and common sense.  But they do say that common sense is not actually that common. Certainly here in Somerset this is the case.

The situation to which l refer is this, recently a local lad 22 lived with his Grandparents, worked full time and owns a moped. Said grandparents for some unknown reason threw local 22 year old out of their home- the unknown reason was not drink nor drug related.  Local 22 year old took solice with kind hearted, working friends in another near by town. Kind hearted friends had suffered a catalogue of medical problems, but nevertheless took in local 22 year old, told him to make himself at home.  He stayed 2 months, drank all of their alcohol, ate their food, spread his 'stuff'  everywhere. Did not par-take in many personal hygiene rituals. Paid only £40 contributions.

Now local 22 year old has landed well and truly on his feet by moving into a brand spanking new apartment, in a brand spanking new building, situated on a brand spanking new estate. Brand spanking new apartment was provided by local housing association. Local authorities will pay Full Rent and Council Tax and gave local 22 year old a grant to buy brand spanking new equipment  for the brand spanking new apartment. Whats more the local 22 year old is claiming Job seekers Allowance- because he is seeking employment which he gave up only a few months ago!!!! 

When offered help and advice to help him maintain his new lifestyle he turned his nose up, he scoffed at the very idea that others should actually want to help him and share their expertise. The very people, caring hard working, honest people who pay taxes, who in affect are paying for his new FREE lifestyle are themselves being penalised.

The kind hearted friends who have suffered physical pain, and in my mind medical neglect should be compensated for things that were out of their hands.  But they very probably will receive nothing.

The other kind hearted friends have also been sidelined by the authorities. This family is me and mine. And here's where l can not see the logic behind the local council thinking.   I raised my 4 children for 15 years single handedly, yes l was on benefits, but l did work, l did voluntary work, part time work, casual little jobs, then took advantage of the 'system' and went to college to improve my education. I studied and passed qualifications in Psychology and Sociology.  Then l went back to work part time, until all of my children were of an age where l could work full time- this was over 5 years ago.  Finally l was off benefits earning my own money, paying my  own way.  I even downsized my home, when no 3 of 4 moved out.

I downsized because l was rattling  around an empty house, that was costing me money. We - namely youngest of 4- and l were very lucky to get an exchange to a virtually new 2 bed house, which over the course of 2 years saved me £200  on fuel bills alone.  I pay full rent and council tax,  l request very few repairs from local landlord. I maintain the decor and garden. Then just before Christmas no. 3 of 4 came home, having lived away from home for about 3 years, now in severe debt and needing to be supported by her family. Turns out- had we never downsized she'd have returned ages ago.!!! Thus preventing spiral of debts.

We moved things about, packed and stored things in the loft space, juggled a few bits and pieces to willingly accommodate no. 3.  We had no set plan of action and were muddling along nicely, all 3 of us work full time so our newly cramped home has not been a problem. In fact its been quite fun. I even decided as my role of Mother and housekeeper returned to cut back on my working hours in order to have a life of my own. No longer would l have the burden of doing everything on my shoulders.  Then- yes there is more- youngest of 4 announced she was to have a baby!!  Well that's changed things- on top of which she split from the very controlling, father.  Baby was an accident, but is now very much wanted and will be kept and bought up by me Nannie, youngest Mummy and Auntie.  We as a family have pulled together, and turned a negative into a positive. However, out of necessity now, will need to go back to a bigger house in order to keep the family unit united, So that we can all raise Spud in a loving, supportive family.  We have obviously discussed the entire situation and decided that if we all stay together , we will all be able to still work and raise Spud. Thereby maintaining a reasonable lifestyle, that suits all family members. Youngest will not have to claim 100% benefits to live and raise her baby. She will be able to keep her existing job, albeit tweak the hours. She will maintain her independence and identity - so often lost when a woman becomes a Mother.  But, when we notified our landlord of our changing household he advised that the 'authorities' would re-house youngest with baby - on her own, which means they would then have to help her with the rent and council tax etc, they also said that at 'some point' she would 'have' to leave home!!!
Youngest is not ready to leave home, she has never had a baby, anyone having a first time baby struggles. All first time mums need help and support from family, ideally obviously the father would be on tap, but fathers are not always helpful in such situations. These days this is a rare occurrence. We know this.  Hence our thought through plan that 3 related adults would live together, to pay for and raise the baby.
The 'authorities' could even suggest that no 3 of 4  live alone in private rented accommodation as she now has 2 jobs, thus reaccumulating the diminishing debts.  The 'authorities' may even suggest that l be re-housed on my own as a woman over a certain age- l would then need financial help as l now work part time- so then it would be suggested that l return to the full time hard physical work that l would rather not do, as l would actually like to have a life that doesn't consist of just work.  And l would like to be able to physically enjoy some life free from pain caused from working full time!!

Local authorities however, maintain that we as a family unit in a 2 bed, 2 up 2 down house are adequately housed - therefore are in no real need of re-housing as a whole family unit with a baby. WHY  can we 3 working, adults not live together in a  local authority house and  pay full rent etc thereby saving the local authority money.  WHY - do my 'children' have to leave home at some point?  WHAT law says we can not stay together as a family to raise the baby together and pay for it ourselves?  WHY is our solid fool proof plan not acceptable? If we owned our own property no one would bat an eye lid. We could have our entire family live together under one roof like the Mediterraneans do , like the Indians do and no one would question that. We are not asking to scrounge, we are not asking for benefits, we would like to live together without benefits, we would like to pay our way. But that does not appear to be acceptable by the local authorities who are happy to give brand new FREE stuff to local 22 year old who does nothing!!!! WHERE IS THE LOGIC???   Rant over.

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