Sunday, 4 March 2012

3 WEEKS TODAY................

Well 3 weeks from today l will be 51, so l am officially in the over 50's club- whats changed?  Has anything changed? Do l feel different? Do l think differently?

Alot, yes, no and yes to the above.

Alot has  changed I'm about to be a Nannie for the 4th time, in a year that sees the closure of my Westlife days- as one chapter closes and ends another begins.

I've changed my hours to accommodate my creative needs and to end the physical pain l endured working full time, in a job l wasn't totally appreciated in, with people l didn't totally  get on with.  So no more pain, no more bitch pit, more me, mine and pleasurable pursuits.

I don't  feel any different but l do totally think differently.  Is that the universal over 50's  way of thinking l wonder?   I am more relaxed and blaise about things, l don't worry if things go tits up.  I have always been a realist, an honest person, telling it as it is.  I am, l think,  more diplomatic - again think this is an age thing.

I am definitely calmer than l used to be.  I take my time with everything. It really doesn't matter if everything isn't done, there is always tomorrow, and if there isn't tomorrow then you probably aren't here to know about it - so it doesn't matter.

I think my hankering to go to Tuscany, is the way of life l seek and am now going to be living, relaxed, care free. Creatively fulfilled and content.

Does life begin at 50? do you know, l think it actually does.

Recommended reading "Possum Living How to live without a job and (almost no money) by Dolly Freed

Quote "Its easier to learn to do without some of the things that money can buy.  Than it is to earn the money to buy them".

Why spend 60 years of your life preparing for the last 20!!

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