Friday, 16 March 2012


Hiya, How you doing?

 I'm in abit of a lull at the moment.  And it got me thinking what motivates you? us? is it the weather? is it life in general?  is it a news subject - that winds you up? What inspires you? us?

I've cut my hours in order to pursue more of life's pleasures, more of my pleasures should l say. Writing, photography, genealogy, needlework, creativity.  Have l done any of them since reducing my working time..NO not really. Because I've lost something- the something that drives me to do something.  My enthusiasm- l lie- l am enthusiastic about finishing my books, about typing them up and there are currently 3 to type up. One to finish writing- which will then need to be transferred on to an up to date computer in order to edit it properly. I have the ideas in my head to produce Easter boxes for my gorgeous grand girlie's- but l haven't done them!!

We - the family- need to move some time soon to a bigger house for the imminent arrival of Spud, so l need to sort out junk and dump it, recycle it, pack it. Haven't done any of it.

I have half finished tapestry which has been on the go for years!!  I have ideas for making Spud clothes- need to re-do one mitten already!!

But just cant do any of it - and l don't know why.  Could be because recently where l live, we've had the lid pulled down over our town,which is nestled in a vale or bowl as l like to refer to it. Making each day the same dull non descript white colour. Yet on the world wide web people have reported glorious sunny days and spring time heat, even the news reports of temperatures in the 19 area- positively summer temps!! 

Maybe that's it- may be I'm secretly jealous of the sunny days brigade. Maybe l need to be in sunny climes to motivate me. After all the start of British Summer Time begins next weekend on my birthday - yes the clocks of the GMT area will Spring forward an hour to create gloriously long sunny days. And early mornings to die for- that make you glad to be alive- ( total contradiction there)!! .

I mean, l know in life there has to be ups and downs,  likes and dislikes, black and whites, wrongs and rights- life's balances, the ying and yang of life. But why for some of us are the dull bits hard to shift?   Why is it that in life there has to be sour faced people who work in the people industry- like our local council offices. They are there to serve us the council tax paying citizen, we pay their wages at the end of the month.  They in turn provide a service but why not always with a smile. If you have to serve others don't you have to be a people person - who smiles and greets you and thanks you for your custom. Not some sour faced old trout whom you wish you could slap.!!

The prime example of a people person would be a celebrity - I'm going to use Peter Andre as my prime specimen- great looking, great eye candy for us girlies and some guys l guess, - what ever floats your boat- and an all round great person- l think. He meets and greets all those who meet him with a welcoming, willing, smile, kiss and autograph.  Nothing appears to be to much trouble. Ok he's paid mega bucks to do some of this, but in his own time he still makes time for people. Why cant all people in the people industry be like that?

Do we have all these differences and opposites in order to create subjects on which to debate, discuss, chat about, moan about?  Do we have lulls in order to make the highs more exciting, to give us some thing to look forward to,  to make us produce our life's goals- our forward planning, our preparation for the next chapter in our lives.

  ~For me, l guess, may be closing the first of my 50 years is a calm down from last years celebrations.  Or is it the reality that actually life has and is about to begin good and proper now that l am approaching 51. So may be l just have to reach next weekend for this lull to lift, it will after all be the end of the school term for the month long Easter holidays, it will be the start of the British Summer Time, it will be the start of my 51st year of life, it will be the approaching start of 2 weeks of holiday time - no work just paid for pleasure time to do with what l want.

That is WHY!!

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