Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I am quietly amused that my bi-annual clear out of seasonal clothes has caused such interest.
Spring and Autumn see's me drag my giant suitcase from its hibernation place, in my spare wardrobe, in the spare room, onto the spare bed. Where upon it is duely opened revealing each seasons clothes- spring/ summer autumn/ winter. Clothes l've owned and worn or not as the case maybe for Summer clothes, many times over many years.
Each time, each item is duely examined and re-hung to be re-worn for yet another relevant month of the year. Each item is checked for size, style and like-ability. Yet as l get older each item is also catergorised into "Can l get away with wearing that....'at my age'"!!!
And as a result l have this season discarded a few items that l either have never worn, or have worn many times but can no longer get away with wearing 'at my age'.
And l discovered the new trendy ability to sell for profit online across the country my discarded items of clothing.
One such item is as l write being fought over by several people in a cyber battle for the ultimate jumble sale prize. Very much l hasten to add to my ever increasing amusement.
Even non wearable items have actually sold to anonymous buyers into cyber space. Something l have found totally amazing, quite amusing and addictively exciting.   I 'post' the relevant obligatory photo of my junk online with a description and any price l choose plus post & packaging costs and watch regularly as strangers with strange nicknames haggle and bid for my old stuff.
The excitement l get when l see some one 'bid' on my items is unexplainably weird. The 'buzz' l get, not only because l obviously make free money from old stuff, but the exhilaration that a stranger has noticed my once loved or unloved stuff and wants to give me money in exchange is great fun.
When did we become obsessed with making easy money from rubbish, or even just gaining 'new' stuff for free, recycling, upcycling, foraging, free cycling. Have we always been people who want something for nothing, people in search of bargins at any price, to the amusement  and joy of others.
Where did the saying come from...One mans junk is anothers mans treasure? for me its more like One womans discarded stuff is my new found pleasure.
                                          THANKYOU xx

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