Friday, 25 April 2014


Hello, how have you all been? Its been a while since l last wrote on here, since l last wrote at all really.
For those new to my blog, l write, rant, review and chat about life, my life, general life and world life.
Since my last "chat" so much has happened, and changed in my life. No. 3 daughter - my youngest of 4,  moved into her own home with her now 18mth old son, leaving me to live alone for the first time ever in my life.
I'm now 53, living with me, myself and l adjusting to a totally ne way of life, thinking, and living in general. I already began the frugal living a while ago, and thanks to this lifestyle l have coped quite well l feel. Emotionally - well that's been different, no one to talk to in person, other than the 3 cats and dog, unless l physically go and visit some one or pick up the phone. I "chat" on the infamous facebook with people, friends and family from a variety of locations- which is lovely. But there is no longer that girly chat about anything and everything. I am still working to pay the bills, like you do, but life at home is different.
My many hobbies have kept me busy, knitting, crocheting, crafting, genealogy etc but there is a void that physical people would normally fill. I live my life like a lonely 80 year old in some respects. Life l assumed would be lived with a partner, husband, friend at "my time of life".
Is my life going to carry on with doom and gloom? NO! its not- me, myself and l gave ourselves a talking to and decided on the onset of the New Year 2014 that 'we' would do 'stuff' by ourselves, with the intention of living life with or without people we know. So l booked us onto a holiday where we will board a coach from our local bus station and go to Scotland for a week in the summer- so 'we' will be alone but not alone!!
Some people have said l'm brave- am l ? I don't think so, more determined not to miss out on living just because 'we're living alone' as one. And if all goes well, 'we' will venture abroad next year- maybe!!!
That's it for now, don't want to bore you all already, but l'll be back more frequently now, well me, myself and l need some one to listen to us don't we? Xx

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